We are a strategic growth platform, organizing and driving the UAS industry.

Organizing and Driving the UAS Industry


UAS Adoption

With the use and diversity of unmanned aircraft growing rapidly, new uses for these vehicles are constantly being considered. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) promise new ways of increasing efficiency, reducing cost, enhancing safety and saving lives.

Innovative Technology

Drone Airspace Management (DAM) pairs economic impact investments like research, grant and other lower-risk dollars with the acceleration of UAS technology’s development and expansion to market.

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Drone Airspace Management strategic growth platform with a growing  membership pool, our members range from R&D manufacturers like Aurora Flight Sciences to Data Intelligence with Drone Data Technologies. These companies range in size from million of dollars in capital and revenue to entrepreneurs with big ideas looking to commercialize.

We look for these qualities in companies:

    A product or service built to supports the expansion of UAS technology
    Innovative technology that provides a workforce development opportunity
    Companies looking for early stage funding rounds
    A team with a record of success or strong potential

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If you meet these criteria, we encourage you to submit your information. We won’t be able to fund every interested team, but regardless of funding, we are grateful you have chosen to accelerate with DAM.

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Technology Roadmapping

We put together a plan that matches your team’s short-term and long-term goals with specifical technology solutions to help meet those goals. It is a plan that applies to a new product or process or to an emerging technology and service in the UAS space.

Align Strategic Partnerships

Competently maintain cross-platform meta-services whereas tactical meta-services. Appropriately target top-line vortals without team driven technologies. Authoritatively synthesize next-generation testing procedures before stand-alone e-tailers.

Access to Low-Risk Capital

Using our network of change agents, we produced successfully matches of UAS startups and enterprise level R&D manufacturers with impact investments in coal-impacted regions.


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